Financial Blogs
  • Mr. Money Mustache – MMM is the first place that I had ever heard of FIRE. His blog is a great place to start once you’ve caught the FIRE bug.
  • Fiery Millennials – I really enjoy following FM’s blog. I am close to the same age as her, so it’s always fun to see what other millennials in the FIRE world are up to and what tips they can provide.
  • 1500 Days to Freedom – 1500 Days is another great FIRE blog. I enjoy the tips Mr. 1500 shares as well as his some of the comical rants between him and his wife.
  • jlcollinsnh – I honestly don’t follow jlcollinsnh all that much. I decided to give him a shout out here after reading his book, The Simple Path to Wealth. More on that below.
Financial Reading
  • The Simple Path to Wealth – The Simple Path to Wealth is the only book that actually made the process of FIRE click for me. The Simple Path to Wealth for me was the first and only book I really read that was FIRE/economy/money related. I had tried to read some of the books on MMM’s book list but could not find them useful. I’m not interested in learning or studying economics, I’m interested in how much money I should save, and where to invest it. I believe that The Simple Path to Wealth is the #1 resource for FIRE minded people.
  • /r/financialindependence – I have found that the /r/financialindependence subreddit is the best resource for FIRE outside of the bloggers above. It’s a community of other FIRE minded people around the world. This subreddit helps fill in the informational gaps from bloggers above.

 Money and Investments

  • YNAB – If you are working toward FIRE, You Need A Budget (YNAB) is an essential tool if not a must. YNAB has helped us save so much money over the past year. It helped us go from having a net worth of $13,000 in January ’16 to $28,000 in November ’16. (Would be $41,000 if my car didn’t blow up in October ’16.)
  • Vanguard – Other than our 401k’s through our employer, Vanguard is the only company that we hold investment accounts with. My wife’s and my IRAs and joint brokerage account are through Vanguard.
  • Personal Capital – Personal Capital is an online “Wealth Management” tool similar to Mint, though it is more geared towards tracking investment accounts and wealth than it is day to day budgeting. In my opinion, YNAB does a much better job than Mint for budgeting.


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