About Me

Welcome to Vegan On Fire

*Terrible photoshop skills by yours truly

Who am I?

I am a twenty-six-year-old Network Engineer living in the RTP area. I have a wife of five years and two Chihuahua/Yorkie (Chorkie) mix dogs. I am and avid cyclist, and if you didn’t figure it out from the title of this website, a vegan.

Why Vegan?

This one is pretty simple. I’m vegan, as Powsimian would say it, “to save the animals, save the planet, and save humanity itself, and getting healthy and fit at the same time.” I’ve been vegan for almost five years (dang, has it really been that long?), and I credit my brother for convincing me to go vegan. When I first became vegan I looked to my brother for guidance as I hadn’t put much effort into doing my own research on eating a healthy vegan diet. Since then, I have split from my brother’s dietitian ideology and get most of my inspiration from a multitude of vegan Youtubers, including Durianrider and Freelee, Powsiman, Dman and HCH, Sean Lee, and Tino Bananiac, just to name a few.

Why On Fire?

FIRE, or FI/ER, is an acronym which stands for Financial Independence, Early Retirement. I’ve always had a dream of being able to make a passive income on the Internet, whether it be via a monetized Youtube channel or writing and selling e-books. Unfortunately, I have come to terms that I lack the imagination and, as you will more than likely see throughout this website, the writing skills to achieve this goal, so I’ve opted for making and saving/investing enough money so that I can retire early. I know a lot of you are thinking of early retirement as mid to late 50’s, but to me, early retirement means mid 30’s to mid 40’s. For more information refer to the two main websites where I draw my inspiration: mrmoneymustache.com and /r/financialindependence

If you would like to know more, head over to the contact page and submit your questions.